Jenn Clempner

Jenn Clempner is a Singer-Pianist, Music Director for theatre and choirs, an Independent Vocal Tutor & Lecturer in Music.

Jenn’s professional work as a Musician began in 2007, when she toured the UK and Europe with indie-pop outfit The Hoosiers (Sony BMG) as a Session Musician (backing vocals, keyboards and percussion). Jenn was awarded a platinum album for the sale of 300,000 copies of ‘The Trick To Life’ and her work with The Hoosiers.

Jenn worked as a London based Session Musician for a number of years and combined this with managing independent record label, Beatroute Records in 2008.

Jenn migrated back to her roots in the North-West of England and began working independently as a Vocal Tutor. She was Drama School ALRA (Academy of Live and Recorded Art) North’s resident Music and Voice Tutor from 2011 to 2015.

In August 2014 she launched The Jenn Clempner School of Singing, her own establishment for training and coaching in singing.

Jenn has also worked as an MD since 2012, with (formerly) the Manchester Library Theatre Company, various productions with ALRA North and more recently with Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre.

Jenn is a Vocal Tutor and Lecturer at the Royal Northern College of Music on the Popular Music degree programme. She has written numerous articles for Singing publications, consults as a music professional and continues to play in the live music arena.

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