The Jenn Clempner School of Singing


ALRA North BA Acting class of 2015


The Jenn Clempner School of Singing was launched in 2014 as a place where a broad variety of people can discover the best in their singing voices within a safe environment. From Actors preparing songs for audition, adults who have lost their love of singing and anyone experiencing a real crisis of confidence in their singing ability.

My school began in my own home, a very small cottage in the heart of Cheshire, which I have always believed has made my clients feel at ease and non-threatened. I now offer classes at Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre on an adhoc basis, fro, December 2016.

 I don’t believe in just ‘good’ singing teachers- I believe in the right ones.

I will always be honest but like to think I’m kind. I genuinely believe in everyone’s ability to sing and the capacity for them to feel great about their voice.

I am available for straightforward singing lessons but have also developed some key areas of focus that offer a structure and direction to our work. For example:

  1. Re-discovering Your Singing Voice
  2. Preparing For Auditions
  3. Connecting To Song

I love working with People, full stop. Our time together is about you and your needs. Whether it be as a one off or longer term training, I hope you I hope I can offer what is relevant to your needs.

For all enquiries please email